805 637 7243 T-Mobile (1-805- MESSAGE)

In this post, we will talk about 805 637 7243 is scam or not and where is that number from.

805 637 7243 is Scam

If you’re being called via the number 18056377243, that is typically the number used by T-Mobile’s voicemail system. T-Mobile Voicemail Number (and T-Mobile tends to write it as 1-805-MESSAGE).

It is, however, likely that T-Mobile will try to call you through the number. Since it’s an option to dial in to check voice messages, it is not a phone number T-Mobile calls from.

805 637 7243

You’ll likely receive calls from the number 1-805 637 7243. It’s someone impersonating the number of T-Mobile to fraud you or, at minimum, to conceal their identity.

(It’s also possible that you dialed the number, but did not “log out” of your voice message correctly, then the caller rang to call back.)

If you go to the T-Mobile voicemail troubleshooting site, you’ll notice the number mentioned numerous times. For instance:

  • If you’re on any other phone than T-Mobile and you want to call 1-85-MESSAGE (1805-637-7243). Do not dial voicemail using one key or the phone with a preprogrammed message button.
  • Suppose a person calls you and leaves an email. If you don’t get a voicemail, make sure the setting on your phone’s call forwarding to ensure that “When you are not answering” has been set to forward calls to 18005677243.

If the number were genuine, the call would come from T-Mobile.