877-453-6686: Lenovo Tech Support Phone Number USA

In this post, we will talk about Lenovo Customer Service. You will get all the possible methods to contact them. Here you will find Lenovo phone number USA 1-877-453-6686. Steps to call them, email address, tech support, mailing address, live chat option, etc. Only you have to do is to focus on this page and get all the contact information. You will get easy ways to get a live representative on the phone from Lenovo.

Lenovo provides computers and associated accessories for many clients. Should you have to fix any problems, if the customer support agents. Lenovo can easily supply the computer equipment or other troubles. You want to get ready to go again. They’re readily available to fix many different problems, so make sure you get hold of them.


Here are some common reasons why people call Lenovo Customer Service

People mostly call Lenovo for the following reasons:

  • To get help with selecting and purchasing products
  • For Order tracking
  • Arranging for returns and repairs
  • Billing inquiries
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
Make sure of these points before calling Lenovo Customer Service
  1. Make sure you have the appropriate number. Lenovo has distinct amounts for consumer and small business requests, in addition to tech support. Consult the Lenovo site for the amount which you will need to call.
  2. Phone during Lenovo’s business hours. It is possible to place an order by telephone Monday – Friday: 8 am-9 pm Eastern time. Technical support accessibility is based upon the item.
  3. Ensure you have relevant documentation before you when you telephone. This may contain statements, order amounts, billing invoices, and any correspondence between you and Lenovo about your dilemma.
  4. Be in front of your computer, device at the onset of your telephone if you’re requesting technical assistance. This will allow you to troubleshoot together with your own Lenovo customer support representative.
  5. Take notes during your telephone. These notes can be helpful in case you have to increase your situation.

How to Call Lenovo Customer Service by 877-453-6686?

Follow these steps and get a live person on the phone.

  1. First of all, dial 1-877-453-6686or phone 1-855-253-6686.
  2. Choose the 1st option or press 4, then 2.
  3. Wait for a min (2m avg)
  4. After that, you will automatically connect to the live person.

Representative Hours

Lenovo Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. We advise you to call them at 9:15 am because of this the best time to call them.

Lenovo Email Address

The email option is not available by Lenovo. If you want to contact them online, visit the social media platform or social website. And the best way to contact them is by calling Lenovo Tech Support Phone Number USA 877-453-6686

Lenovo Mailing Address

United States

  • Lenovo
  • 1009 Think Place
  • Morrisville, NC 27560


  • No. 6 Chuang Ye Road, Haidian District
  • Shangdi Information Industry Base
  • 100085 Beijing, China


  • 151 Lorong Chuan
  • #02-01 New Tech Park
  • Singapore 556741, Singapore

Lenovo Social Links

You can stay in touch with Lenovo updates by these links:

Lenovo Customer Support Website

  • Utilize the support site to get help on a variety of issues in many different formats. Visit lenovo.com to check your order status, cancel an order, view Lenovo’s return policy, get technical support, and much more. You could even use the search area on the peak of the page to look for what you want.
  • You can even see lenovo.com/ordersupport/ and click on the green Chat button at the right-hand side of the webpage.