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As anticipated, there was little play on which carriers could best this season’s. Freight 50 listing of large worldwide air freight carriers. For the 2nd consecutive season. Dubai-based Emirates reigned since the winners of scheduled global air freight cargo. Together with 2.29 million tonnes carried on the main decks of its freighters and at the belly holds of its enormous passenger fleet (see graph ). Fedex that recently purchased 50 new ships from Boeing, conducted 7.13 million tonnes of overall cargo in 2014, for example, 5.15 million tonnes of domestic cargo, while UPS delivered a total of 4.24 million tonnes annually and 2.81 million tonnes for its public sector.

Even though there’s not any single resource for right freight traffic information on earth. The World Air Transport Statistics (WATS) report, released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), is probably that the closest the industry has. 

 With this report as a springboard, we at Air Cargo World took a deeper dip into the information to identify trends — like the more effective carrier were utilizing innovative approaches to come up with interline partnerships, share freighter distance and optimize the usage of the lift capability.

The world’s top 50 cargo carriers