Avis Car Rental Phone Number and Contact Details

In this post, we will discuss Avis Customer Services. Here you will find Avis Car Rental Phone Number, Email Address, Live Chat Option, etc. Only you have to focus on this webpage, and you will get a live representative on the phone from Avis Customer Service. We will give you all the possible methods by which you can get connect with Avis for your queries.

Getting ready to have a road trip demands a couple of things to go smoothly, a vehicle, a destination, and a customer support number to deal with any complications that come on the way. Avis Rent-A-Car understands that if you lease a car together, you would like the safety that comes with knowing they are there once you want them, regardless of what hour or precisely what the weather is. If you rent with Avis, then you will realize that you have a co-pilot with all of the answers to your most challenging travel issues.

Avis Car Rental Phone Number

Wherever you’re on the street when you rent from Avis they are there to keep you safe and in your way. Whether you are prepared to fall off your vehicle, need to organize a pickup, or desire a flat-tire rescue on a dark rainy roadside, Avis’s is there for you. Give them a call if you have to begin planning your upcoming trip to ensure your car is prepared for you when you reach on the street. Already on the way? A fast phone call will find a brand new rental on its way for you. Nothing makes travelling as comfy as knowing you have a Complete staff standing, prepared to be there to fix the lumps in the street any time of night or day

Avis Car Rental Phone
  • 1-800-352-7900: Avis Car Rental Number
  • 1-800-633-3469: Avis Rates and Reservations
  • 1-800-230-4898: Avis.com Assistance
  • 1-866-607-1403: Avis Car in the Shop?
  • 1-800-722-5909: Avis Profile Setup/Assistance
  • 1-833-836-6630: Avis Car Sales
  • 1-866-284-7669: Avis Privacy
  • 1-800-331-1212, 1-800-331-1084: United States Rates and Reservations
  • 1-866-315-4690: Avis Car Sales
  • 1-800-879-2847, 1-800-331-1084: Canada Rates and Reservations 
  • 1-800-669-9585: Scooter Rentals
  • 00-1-800-272-5839: Chauffeur Drive
  • 1-800-297-4447: 24/7 International Message Center
  • 1 800 354 2847: 4 Hour Roadside Assistance

How to Call Avis Rental Car?

Follow the steps and get a live person from Avis Rent a Car Customer Service.

  1. First of all, dial 1-800-352-7900
  2. If you are calling from USA or Canada, then press 1.
  3. Now, wait for a min
  4. After that, you will automatically connect to the live person from Avis Customer Service.

Here are the main menus:

  • Calling to make a new reservation or have a future reservation for which the car has not yet been picked up, then press 1
  • If you’re calling regarding a rental in which you picked the car and have not returned, you have to press 2.
  • If you’re calling with a billing question, regarding a completed rental, you have to press 3.
  • To repeat this menu, you have to press 7.

Avis Representatives Hours

Customer Service from Avis is available from Monday to Sunday, from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm.

Avis Social Links

Quick, easy, and accessible, that pretty much spells out the advantages of communication with the businesses you do business with through interpersonal networking. Frequent updates on these channels offer travel news, suggestions about leasing, and guides for some of the most incredible places to go to around the world. Avis retains the stations currently and responds to questions and worries inquired through them, but also, it puts you in contact with the remainder of the Avis, client family!

Avis Email Support

Email support is not available for Avis Customers. You can get a live representative by calling at Avis Rental Car Phone Number: 1 800 352 7900. Call Avis by phone is the best way to contact them.

Live Chat Support

Avis does not provide the live chat option. If you want to contact them via online chat, you can visit there social media platform or call them at 1-800-352-7900.

Avis Mailing Addresses

Address for claims:

  • Avis Claims
  • PO Box 409309
  • Atlanta, GA 30384-9309

Avis Help

For more information, you can visit at Avis help page. Here you will get more details regarding Avis billing, Avis extends rental, Avis international reservations, etc.