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CAS Cargo

Hello, friends in this post we will talk about CAS Cargo. If you want to know about CAS Cargo services, read this post carefully. CAS stands for Cargo Agency Services Inc.

United Cargo Booking And Air Cargo Tracking


Cargo Agency Services Inc. is a private Cargo and Freight Agent offering comprehensive freight forwarding solutions, Intermodal services and other transport-related businesses. Cargo Agency Services Inc. functions as Air Freight Agents, Third Party Logistics suppliers and shipping representative and arranges to combine cargo for overseas imports. Cargo Agency Services Inc. is a well-established firm with significant experience. The company has offices in New York and agents in central cities and ports.

OCEAN Cargo Options

LCL (Less than Container Load) services for shippers having partial imports we combine cargo with additional partial shippers and ship it outside every week. We offer a range of direct point to pointless than container load service worldwide through our strategic partnerships at aggressive supply chain costs.

FCL (Full Container Load) Worldwide sector standard containers are the primary mode of transporting products, enabling importers and exporters alike to maximize quantity versus costs, guarantee reliability, security and reduce the chance of harm and theft.

AIR Freight Options

Cargo Agency Services Inc. is the trusted, reliable partner for global freight forwarding and logistics providers. Through our global transport network and overseas logistics partners, we now ship all of the commodity – including temperature-controlled and harmful products.

Cargo Agency Services Inc. provides comprehensive logistical services to facilitate the shipment of your cargo via air freight.


The firm’s U.S.A. Management will recognize in the shipping industry, also has a very long record of accomplishments with their prior companies. Most of the personnel experience in Banking, Insurance, and Finance, trading as well as International Shipping. Most of the staff speak avariety of foreign languages. Management employees responsible for traffic and operations possess a good background in international commerce and have travelled widely throughout the world. They are well-known from the New York transport industry. Competent people who have a wealth of experience in the transportation industry manage the firm’s branch office


CAS has sub-agents in many ports of the U.S.A., where they do not maintain their own offices.

Hello, friends in this post we will talk about CAS Cargo. If you want to know about CAS Cargo services, read this post carefully. CAS stands for Cargo Agency Services Inc.


Lots of the services that CAS symbolizes have B/L Liability Insurance to cover their liability under the terms of the B/L. They commit around $1 million each accident for losses or claims, giving the shippers an increased coverage for accountability than many, if not all, steamship lines. This, of course, doesn’t negate the need for your typical marine insurance coverage the shipper must have that may also order through our office.


A full selection of services can be obtained, such as Total Container heaps and Less-than-Container heaps to a lot of ports of the word. An individual Ro/Ro and breakbulk support can be available to many places at request. The company has individual “heavy lift” boats at its disposal for very massive shipments of heavy cargo up to 500 tons every day. NVO & Freight forwarding Services provided by partners.


CAS does business with many major exporting companies that consider “Fortune 500” companies. Cargo Agents Inc. works with significant forwarders through the U.S.A. and Canada and is a prime logistics support arm to the US Military, UK Ministry of Defense, NATO and other federal governments.