Chase Routing Number

Are you searching for Chase Routing Number? So you are in the right place. Here you will get the routing number for Chase. You must have access to your banking institution’s routing numbers because you’ll require it to sign up for a direct deposit or pay for payroll, as well as transfer wire funds. If you’re already a Chase customer or plan to transfer funds into an account linked to the Chase account, check the below table for a list of all Chase routing numbers:

What Is a Routing Number?

The routing number, sometimes referred to by an American Bankers Association or ABA number, comprises nine digits that inform financial institutions about the places where transactions have to process. For instance, when you cash a check at an ATM, the routing number helps the bank determine where your bill originated.

Most banks have one routing number. However, since Chase Bank is so big, it has 24 different routing numbers throughout the U.S. If you’re an existing Chase customer, the routing number you’ll receive is based on the location you first opened your account.

chase routing number

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Chase Bank Routing Numbers by State

State Chase Routing/Transit Number

  • Arizona: 122100024
  • California: 322271627
  • Colorado: 102001017
  • Connecticut: 021100361
  • Florida: 267084131
  • Georgia: 061092387
  • Idaho: 123271978
  • Illinois: 071000013
  • Indiana: 074000010
  • Kentucky: 083000137
  • Louisiana: 065400137
  • Michigan: 072000326
  • Nevada: 322271627
  • New Jersey: 021202337
  • Downstate: 021000021
  • New York — Upstate: 022300173
  • Ohio: 044000037
  • Oklahoma: 103000648
  • Oregon: 325070760
  • Texas: 111000614
  • Utah: 124001545
  • Washington: 325070760
  • West Virginia: 051900366
  • Wisconsin: 075000019

Understanding Your Chase Routing Number

Four of them represent Federal Reserve Bank identifiers. The numbers following them in the sequence are your bank. These numbers are assigne precisely like your bank account number. The last digit of the routing number represents the “check” digit calculated using an algorithm. This confirms the bank routing number’s legitimacy.

How To Find Your Chase Routing Number

There are a variety of methods to locate the Chase routing code. If you can remember the state you first opened your account, you can use the chart.

If you have a Chase bank account with a checking balance, you will find your routing number on your cheque — the routing number on the check can found in the initial nine numbers located in the lower-left corner. It is possible that you don’t have a receipt handy, but you can call Chase anytime at 800-935-935 to find your account’s routing number. If you’re unsure of the correct number to use, you must contact Chase since using the valid number could be the difference in your funds being deposited into the accurate or the wrong account.

What Is the Routing Number for International Wire Transfers?

For the international wire transfer, you’ll require the SWIFT code rather than the routing number. It’s the SWIFT code is a bank code international that allows financial institutions to be identified worldwide. It is required to give the code to anyone who wishes to transfer money to you from abroad. You can ask the bank to share money to inquire about the rules directly or find it online.

Alongside using in addition to using SWIFT number, you are required to give specific details to your bank every time you are approached by someone who wants to transfer money from a different country. This includes the account number shown in the following illustration along with your full name, as shown on your account.

Suppose you’re making a transfer of money internationally to another person. The recipient will have to know their bank’s routing number to be able to get the funds. If you’re sending or receiving a wire from the United States for a transfer, you’ll have a unique number to use for that too.

Here are Chase Bank’s wire transfer numbers:

Chase Bank Wiring Numbers

  • Domestic Wire Transfer 021000021
  • International Wire Transfer 021000021