CIF Number Indian Bank and Other Details

Hello! If you are the customer of Indian Bank and want to know CIF number. So we are here to guide you about CIF number Indian Bank.

In this article, you will know about how to find CIF number in Indian bank,  Indian bank cif number and many more questions. 

Indian Bank is an Indian state-owned financial services company established in 1907 and headquartered in Chennai, India. It’s 227 Overseas Correspondent banks in 75 countries.

What is CIF Number in Indian Bank?

CIF stands for Client Information files, it’s an essential number. CIF stores account holder complete information. It’s virtually automatic file preserved by a bank to store details of the account holder. CIF is of 11 digits at the Central Bank of India. It’s unique for every single client. Each of the client’s accounts are connected to the 1 CIF amount supplied to the client.

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How to find Indian Bank CIF Number?

There are various methods to find Indian Bank:

  1. If you’ve got your Indian Bank passbook, open the very first page to find the CIF amount printed on the initial page.
  2. You can make a call to client support and ask to obtain CIF number. As soon as your phone gets connected with the customer support executive, you need to request to receive your CIF number. You must offer a few details such as account number, name, and address, etc. for verification purpose.
  3. You can also obtain your CIF amount by going to the branch. Meet with the account executive and request to offer your CIF number. You need to provide your account details as well as personal details for verification purpose.
  4. In case you have access to Internet Banking, you can collect the CIF number online from the profile section after logging into your Net banking account.
  5. You can get the CIF number from the Chequebook also.

CIF amount is very beneficial in mobile banking. The bank’s officials refer CIF number to collect banking information of any account holder. With CIF number, monitoring the private information of this account holder and collecting info about transaction details is quite comfier.

Each account holder gets a different CIF amount from the bank. When an account holder has multiple accounts at precisely the same bank, the bank assigns a single CIF amount and hyperlinks each of the accounts with the amount. You will need to note down your CIF number for future reference. 

CIF Number Online

To get CIF Number Indian bank, you have to login into an Indian Bank internet banking accounts.

Indian Bank Customer Care Number

For more information, give a call to: 

1800 4250 0000

Call this number from your register mobile number and get your information. This is a toll-free number available for24/7.

You can also get information from the official site. Visit Here.