EZPass Delaware Customer Service and Contact Info.

If you are searching for EZPass Delaware Customer Service, so you are in the right place. Here you will get the related information by which you can get the live person on the phone. E-ZPass Delaware provides many service types by which you can get a live representative from E-Zpass, such as phone number, email support, live chat option, mailing address, etc. 

About E-ZPass Delaware 

There are 39 member bureaus at the Delaware EZpass Interagency Group working in approximately 17 nations, in which the same technology is utilized, and travelers utilize the duplicate transponder on toll roads. Different independent systems are incorporated into the E-ZPass system, such as the NC Quick Pass and I-Pass.

This has made E-Zpass Delaware this type of dependable toll collection system in which Negotiations are moving on to execute this system nationally. Because there are many associates of E-ZPass Delaware, the business has guaranteed their advantage by giving EZ Pass Delaware customer service. If you’re also an E-Zpass Delaware member, you can seek immediate assistance to your query or issue by calling Delaware ezpass customer service.

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Even though there’s no specific Delaware EZ Pass customer support number, there are several means to make sure any queries, concerns, problems, or issues you have can be solved promptly. Instead of being one merged company in its operations, Ezpass has been selecting toll entities covering 17 countries in the united states. Since the procedures vary from country to form, it’s almost always best to utilize the customer support number or website to the particular condition where you’re dealing. Frequent FAQs relate to the way to register for Ezpass, the advantages of having an Ezpass transponder, what Ezpass is, spot an Ezpass lane, and how quickly one can push through an Ezpass street, the way to appeal offenses, and much more. 

For many account questions, such as the best way to replenish an account, control a PIN, the way to make payments, the way to utilize Ezpass using a new or leasing vehicles, and many others, the responses will differ from state to say often. So, with this in mind, it’s ideal for getting in contact with the state-specific service supplier. Whether or not you would like to understand whether you will need Ezpass in every condition you journey to, have to modify your credit card or speech, replace the battery in your Ezpass, or merely talk to an actual person, several tools available to you.

How to call E-ZPass Delaware Customer Service

Follow these steps and get a live agent on the phone:

  1. First of all, dial: 1-888-397-2773
  2. Then, stay on a line for a few second or Press 8
  3. After that, you will get your answers from the live agent

Here are the voice menus, which the automated voice will ask when you call E-ZPass Delaware Customer Service

  • For general information, you have to Press 1.
  • To manage your account, you have to Press 2.
  • If you want to receive a Delaware E-ZPass violation, then Press 3.
  • To speak with a customer service representative, Press 4.
  • To go to the previous menu, Then you have to press start.

Ezpass Delaware Representatives Hours

Live E-ZPass Delaware customer service is available on Monday-Friday from 7 am to 7 pm EST and on Saturday, closed Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm EST.

E-Zpass Service Phone Numbers

  • 1-888-397-2773: Ezpass Delaware Customer Service Number
  • 1-888-682-7277: Ezpass Maine Customer Service Number
  • 1-888-321-6824: Ezpass Maryland Customer Service Number
  • 1-877-627-7745: Ezpass Massachusetts Customer Service Number
  • (877)643-9727: Ezpass New Hampshire Customer Service Number
  • 1-888-288-6865: Ezpass New Jersey Customer Service Number
  • 1-800-333-8655: Ezpass New York Customer Service Number
  • 1-440-971-2222: Ezpass Ohio Customer Service Number
  • 877-736-6727: Ezpass Pennsylvania Customer Service Number
  • 1-877-743-9727: Ezpass Rhode Island Customer Service Number
  • 1-877-743-9727: Ezpass Virginia Customer Service Number
  • 1-800-206-6222: Ezpass West Virginia Customer Service Number

Web Links

For more information, you have to visit the official site E-ZPass Delaware Official Web Site.

Email Support

E-ZPass Delaware Customer Service also provides the email option for its customer ezpassde@transcore.com

Mailing Address


22-24 W. Loockerman Street

Dover, DE 19904

Live Chat Support

The company does not support the live chat option. You can contact them at 1-888-397-2773 and follow the instructions above.

Help Page

For more information, you can find at E-ZPass Delaware Help Page.