First Data Global Leasing Phone Number

If you are searching for the First data global leasing phone number, so you are in the right place. Here we talk about First Data leasing phone number, FDGL lease payment customer service number, and First Data financial services, etc. In this post, we will give all the contact number, by these phone numbers, you can connect with the live agent from First Data.

First Data Corporation has been a financial services firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The organization’s STAR Network provided national debit acceptance nationally at over two million retail POS, ATM, and internet outlets for almost a third of U.S. debit cards.

first data global leasing phone number

How to Call a Live Person in First Data?

Here are the small steps by which you connect with the live agent from Fist Data.

  1. Dial: +1 800 735-3362
  2. Stay on the line.
  3. After that, you will automatically connect to the live representative from First Data. 

First Data Global Leasing Phone Number and Other Numbers

  • +1 888-477-3611: First Data Global Gateway, (please have your merchant I.D. available) Tel
  • +1 877-257-2094: First Data Global Leasing Tel
  • +1 800-365-1998: First Data Payment Software Tel
  • +1 866-382-8643: Merchant Sales Inquiries Tel
  • +1 877-848-8970: Prepaid Services Support Tel
  • 877-810-9315: Support Inquiries
  • +1 866-351-9981: Secure Transport Vendor Integration Tel
  • +1 800-835-3243: TeleCheck Support Tel
  • +1 800-337-1222: Card Issuing, Signature Debit, Heath Care Support Tel
  • +1 800-337-1222: Data and Analytics Support Tel
  • +1 877-866-7827: Debit Card and ATM Help Desk Tel
  • +1 800-641-0035: Instant Cash (existing clients) Tel
  • +1 877-866-7827: STAR Help Desk Tel
  • +1 800-835-3243: TeleCheck Tel
  • +1 800-747-1374: AccessNet/Telepath/EIC Application Support Tel
  • +1 800-747-1374: FDGS (Govconnect) Application Support Tel
  • +1 800-332-4125: govONE State Tax Application Support Tel
  • +1 800-747-1374: Higher Education Support Tel
  • +1 800-281-6570: remitONE Tax Application Support Tel
  • +1 800-281-6570: State EFT Tax Application Support Tel
  • 855-810-3824: For Sales Inquiries
  • +1 404-890-2300: General Media Inquiries Tel
  • +1 212-266-3569: General Media Inquiries Tel
  • +1 212-266-3565: Peter Poillon Tel
  • +1 800-368-1000: U.S. Hotline Tel

First Data Representative Hours

Live customer services of First data are available 24/7 for its customer. You can contact them at any time.

Email Support

First Data also support the email option, only you have to visit:

  • For General Media Inquiries 
  • For Peter Poillon
  • For Military and Veterans Affairs Team

First Data Social Website

You can also get in touch with First Data by these social websites.

  • Follow them on the Facebook page
  • And Twitter page
  • Also, follow them on the Linkedin page 
  • And Youtube page

For more information, you can visit

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