How to Cancel Avast Renewal Billing Subscription 2021

How to Cancel Avast Renewal: Avast is a great antivirus solution that offers protection against malware and viruses. There may be times when you want to cancel your Avast subscription and choose another antivirus solution.

You can cancel your Avast subscription and stop Avast auto-renewing. These steps should help you accomplish this task. They may feel upset if they see the amount being subtracted from their account. Contact Customer Support immediately if you find yourself in the same position. You can take the help of your trained friends to cancel your services. You can also do it yourself. This blog will explain how to balance your package and claim a refund. Follow the given steps as shown.

How to Cancel my Avast Subscription?

There are a few ways to cancel your Avast subscription and uninstall the software from your PC. First of all, Disable the Auto-Renewal of your Account. You have to sign in to your Avast Account to cancel Avast renewal. These steps are straightforward.

  • Log in to your Avast account by visiting the Avast website
  • Visit the license section and click on the license you wish to subscribe to.
  • It would help if you were signed in to the email address where your request was taken up.
  • Find the right option cancel Auto RenewClick on it to go into effect
  • It is necessary to confirm your decision
  • In the confirmation dialogue box, click on the option To deactivate Auto-renewal Subscribeoption

It’s that simple. It should take less than a minute to receive an email confirmation.

You now know how to cancel Avast renewal. Follow the steps above. Avast will send you an email confirming that the Avast -Auto-Renewal Feature is closed. Avast Customer Care can be used to cancel your Avast subscription.

In case you still have questions about how to cancel auto renewal on Avast, you can

  • Click the link:
  • Please enter the details to cancel your request.
  • Use the same email ID that you used to buy the Avast subscription.
  • Avast customer service will confirm that your Avast subscription has been cancelled.

how to stop avast subscription

How do I turn off auto renewal on Avast on Digital River?

This method only works on Digital River Avast. You can also opt for it if your Avast subscription has been purchased through Digital River.

These are the steps:

  • You can visit the Digital River website by clicking this link.
  • To sign in, enter your order number.
  • Click on Order to confirm
  • Click on Manage Subscribe
  • Find the option for Auto Renewals
  • Now, turned from ON to OFF.
  • A pop-up message should appear asking you whether you wish to cancel the subscription.
  • Click on Disable Auto-Renewal to confirm.

You will receive a confirmation that your automatic renewal has been cancelled.

How to End Avast subscription on pc in Nexway

Another portal that sells Avast subscription licenses is Nexway. Follow these steps if you purchased through Nexway and get the answer to how to cancel Avast license.

  1. Visit the Avast Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Sign-in to access your Avast account.
  3. Log in with your account.
  4. Please visit the License section.
  5. Click the button to view your licenses.
  6. Now you can see the complete list of all Avast subscriptions.
  7. Click here to renew your Auto-Renewal License.
  8. You can cancel auto-renewal by clicking cancel. Cancelling Avast’s Subscription.
  9. To cancel your auto-renewal subscription, click on the Deactivate button.
  10. will send you a confirmation email. Your Avast subscription will be cancelled once you have received the confirmation email from

You are now. With the information shared above, you now know all about Cancel Subscription Avast.

How to Stop Avast subscription on Mac OS

Follow the given steps to cancel a subscription on Mac OS

  • Open iTunes
  • Log in with your Apple ID
  • Choose the account at the top of your screen
  • Click View My Account
  • Enter your Password
  • Visit the Account Information Page to edit your settings
  • Click on the Manage button.
  • Now, click Edit to select the Avast Subscription.
  • Click here to cancel your subscription.

Now you are close with Avast’s steps to cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel an Avast Android subscription?

It’s easy. You can cancel your Avast subscription within a matter of minutes.

  • Visit Google Play Store
  • Click the menu at the top left of the screen
  • Take the account you want 
  • Click here to Subscribe
  • Cancel your desired Avast Subscription
  • Click here to cancel your subscription.

Cancel Avast subscription on Windows 10

Secure that you have not installed any other security software on your computer before removing your Avast subscription. This can cause conflict with Avast automatic renewal cancellation.

  • Use the search bar at the bottom of your screen
  • Click here to view Apps and Features
  • Now, click here to download Avast Cleanup Premium
  • Click here to Uninstall
  • If the User Account Control dialogue appears, click on Yes.
  • Avast Cleanup Premium Uninstaller opens
  • To confirm the removal, click Yes.
  • The uninstaller will delete Avast Cleanup Premium from your computer
  • After the installation is completed, click on OK.

The whole process was to cancel avast clean up.

 How to cancel Avast Renewal on iPad/ iPhone

  • Visit the App Store
  • Scroll to the top-right corner of your screen
  • Click on your profile photo
  • Now, click Manage Subscriptions
  • Click on the Avast Subscription that you wish to cancel
  • Cancel your subscription

How to apply for Avast Refund Request

Avast customer support billing is responsible for the accounting of license payments. The application for these funds to customers of avast Contact customer support within 30 days 

  • if your license has been renewed or within 60 days 
  • if the request is being purchased for the first time.

How to Disable Automatic Renewal Avast by calling Avast Support

Avast auto-renewal can cancel by calling the Avast customer service number. To cancel your Avast subscription, you can also send an email to them. Support can reach via email.

You must send the cancellation email to the same email address you register your account with. Wait until customer service responds to your question.

These are just a few of the many options available to cancel an Avast subscription. If you have any questions about cancelling an Avast subscription, please get in touch with us. These options should give you the best possible resolutions.