How to Download Embedded Video From Any Website

How to download embedded video: Online video is a popular option these days. People are now looking for ways to download videos from websites due to the incredible growth of videos. Let’s take a look at the top options for downloading videos from websites.

I will show you how to download embedded videos using a browser extension.

How to Download Embedded Video?

If you want to download videos from a site, there are many options. To help you understand the process of downloading a video from a website, we will go through each choice one by one.

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how to download embedded video

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Use a Browser Extension

Chrome extensions are one option to save a video on the web. The browser extension is the best option if you’re looking for a way to download embedded videos.

Flash Video Downloader, free downloader, and Video Download Helper are just a few extensions available. The browser you choose will determine which extensions are available. There are many extensions available for Chrome and Firefox. Download embedded video chrome.

Download Videos Directly from the site

Another great way to save embedded video from websites is this. This will only work if the embedded video is in an MP4 file. It would be straightforward to download the embedded video.

Right-click on the video link and select Save. You can download the video by clicking on Save video and selecting the correct format. You can only download the video if it has been embedded directly.

Download the Embedded Video with the Online Portals

Another option is to use online portals that are specifically designed for downloading videos from websites. This endeavor is possible with multiple options.

Services like


These are only a few ways to download an embedded video from a website. Although downloading a video from most video-sharing sites is a good option, some services may not work. Before you use these services, please ensure that the site is compatible with your browser.

It should be easy to download embeded video via internet portals. It doesn’t require you to download any software programs, and it doesn’t require that you work with any complicated software tools.

Use a Screen Recorder

Another great option is a screen recorder to save video from websites. This is a great option to use when all other options fail. In some cases, the above methods might not be effective.

Screen recorders can be used to record and save the video to your computer. The video quality will be less than other options, however. This method is best for short videos.

These are just a few of the options available to you if you’re looking for how to download embedded videos. Follow these steps to share your thoughts.