How to Fill SBI Cheque and Other Details

Hello everyone! Today we talk about How to Fill SBI Cheque or How to Fill Check or How to Fill a Cheque and other knowledgeable details in this article. If you are the customer of SBI Bank and wanted to withdraw money from the bank, So it is the first question arises in your mind that How to Fill SBI Cheque. In this article, we elaborate on the ways and steps to fill Cheque. Read the article carefully.

SBI is one of the major banks in India with branches spread in almost every state. You can discover an SBI ATM close to you regardless of where you are in India. Their level of support is impeccable, and no wonder lots of individuals rely on their banking services.

How to Fill Cheque of SBI

There are various ways by using which you can withdrawal money from the bank accounts. Cash withdrawal by filling bank cash withdrawal form, money withdrawal using Cheque by self-withdrawal method or money withdrawal from SBI ATM machine using a debit card and snare. Self-withdrawal by Cheque is among the widely used ways.

How to Fill Check

How to Fill a Cheque?

There are the 5 steps to fill the check. Follow these steps in order:

  1. First of all, you need to mention the time on that you need to withdraw the cash. You have to input the digits into different boxes following the right format, which is DDMMYYYY.
  2. Next, you will need to write the full name of the individual’ to whom you are allowing to draw the cash. If you are making a personal withdrawal, then you have to write ‘SELF’ from the Cheque.
  3. Today, you need to mention how much money you would like to withdraw from the account. 
  4. At the box, on the right-hand side, you’ll also have to mention the amount in figures. E.g, write 7000/-
  5. SignAfter you have said the amount, you have to do your signature on where it says’Please register above’. It should be exactly like you’ve in records at the bank. Please make sure there are mistakes since the signal ought to be precise.

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Precautions while filling the Cheque

1. You must also do an extra signature in the back of the Cheque to allow the bank authorities to match and confirm with ease. Also, write down your registered phone with sbi below touch (rear side only).

2. Please be very careful when filling up a cheque for self-withdrawal since one error could nullify the Cheque and make it useless.

3. When a cheque is written to your next party, we continuously mention A/C Payee in the top so that the amount is attributed only to the accounts of the third person. However, when doing self-withdrawal, you shouldn’t mention A/C Payee.

How to Fill SBI Cheque

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