How to Install Elysium on Firestick?

How To Install Elysium on Firestick? You might want to learn the steps to set up Elysium on the Firestick. To help you, we’ll provide the complete guide to this subject here.

Amazon Fire TV is one of the most well-known streaming media devices on the globe. It’s loaded with features. However, it is affordably priced.

Recently, they’ve improved their Fire TV stick and released several new models that have upgraded configuration.

As a default, the device provides almost all of the features you would expect from a device that streams media for television. If you’d like to make it more powerful and capable, you can use different add-ons and apps. One of the most well-known extensions is Elysium. How do you connect this plugin?

We will provide the step-by-step process for installing Firestick Elysium to the Amazon Fire television stick.

How to Install Elysium on Firestick?

What is Elysium and What Does it Do?

Let’s first present to you Elysium. Before you can get familiar with Elysium, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with Kodi. Kodi is an open-source, no-cost home theatre software. It was formerly known as XBMC before it was XBMC. This allows you to manage your local and online streaming collection effortlessly.

And Elysium is just one of the add-ons accessible through the Kodi application. The Elysium add-on offers a vast selection of TV documentaries, series as well as other series. All the shows are categorized in Elysium. You can also choose from a variety of video qualities.

How to update Elysium?

There is also the TV calendar. It will update you on upcoming films or TV shows whenever they’re on. In the end, Elysium is a handy accessory if you’re already using the Kodi application to your Amazon Fire TV stick.

How To Install Elysium on Firestick

Since we’ve already stated previously, Elysium functions as an additional feature for the Kodi app, you’ll first have to install the Kodi application. If you’re going through this guide, it is likely that you already have the Kodi application. If not, you can’t download Elysium.

Therefore, we’re not providing the method for installing the Kodi application. If you aren’t sure what to do to set up the Kodi app, seek out the instruction on the internet. After you’ve installed the Kodi app, we can move on.

Turn on Unknown Sources Installation

To install a third-party extension, you’ll have to permit installation from unknown sources. To do this, follow the steps in the following steps. If this setting is already set for you, it is possible to bypass this part of the article.

Steps to Follow

  • Start the Kodi app on your computer.
  • Then you can go to the “Settings menu by clicking the gear icon located on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • You will need to go to the “System Settings option.
  • Then you can go to the “Add-ons option on the right sidebar.
  • From in the primary window, you can enable the option ‘Unknown Sources.

Things You Will Need

  • Kodi App installed
  • Wireless Keyboard (Optional)
  • Amazon First TV Stick and remote
  • Your TV

How To Install Elysium on Firestick

Follow the given steps:

  • First of all, launch the Kodi app and navigate to the ‘Settings menu. The settings menu icon will look like a gear.
  • While you are at the Settings page, you will select the ‘File Manager’ option.
  • Then, select the ‘Add Source’ option from the left sidebar.
  • In doing so, a new popup window will appear on the screen, namely ‘Add file source.’
  • On the box, type in ‘’
  • On the box ‘Enter a name for this media source,’ you can type in ‘Ely’ or your preferred name.
  • Then press the OK button
  • Now, go back to the Main menu/Homepage on Kodi and select the ‘Add-ons’ option from the left sidebar.
  • Then select the ‘Open Box,’ i.e., the box icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  • In doing so, a few options will appear on the screen. From there, select the ‘Install from zip file option.
  • Now, find the file source you have added a bit earlier. In our case, it was ‘Ely,’ so look for that.
  • Then select the ‘Repository portal’ or ‘Repository’ option from the next page.
  • At this step, you will have to find and install the ‘’ file by clicking on it. For some, it could be the ‘Elysium’ Whatever it is in your case, click on it and install it.
  • Wait a bit, and it will load. You will see a notification and select the ‘Install From Repository’ option from there.
  • Next, select the ‘Kodil Repo’ or ‘Elysium Repository’ option from the next page. The option will vary from user to user.
  • Next, select the ‘Video Add-ons’ option.
  • Finally, select the ‘Elysium’ option.
  • Then, select the ‘Install’ option from the bottom of the screen.
  • Wait a bit, and you will see a notification saying Elysium add-on installed.
  • And from now on, the Elysium add-on will be available in the add-ons section of the Kodi app.

Bottom Line

If you’ve successfully adhered to the above steps, You should have downloaded the Elysium add-on for the Amazon Firestick. Congratulations!

Beginning today, you’ll have the option from the Elysium add-on and watch all the latest and most popular films and TV shows for free on your TV using the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Elysium offers a huge streaming library. Additionally, it keeps track of your watching history. We hope that installing Elysium on Fire TV sticks will help you.

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