How to Register Mobile Number in Indian Bank

Hello friends! I hope you are fine. Well, in today’s post, we will discuss How to Register Mobile Number in Indian Bank. If you are the customer of Indian Bank and searching for Indian Bank, register mobile number. So you are in the right place, here you can find the answer to How to Register Mobile Number in Bank.

Indian Bank is among the oldest banks in the banking industry of the nation established in 1907 on 15th August. This public business bank created throughout the Swadeshi Movement and upgraded its banking solutions with the rising progress.

Because of its core banking in addition to financial solutions, it runs in 75 nations. The technical advancements from the banking providers are preferably suitable for your account holders. Staying updated with the announcement in real-time and obtaining specific providers have come to palms!

Indian Bank provides many facilities to its customer, and for availing these services, you have to register your mobile number with the bank. Here are the two ways by with you can express your mobile number with the bank.

  1. Write an application to the bank manager.
  2. By visiting the nearest branch.

Note: You can not register your mobile number online, for this you have to visit the nearest branch of Indian Bank.

Indian Bank Mobile Number Registration

Application Method for Indian Bank Mobile Number Registration

Follow these steps:

1. To start with, this procedure entails writing a program to the division supervisor of your nearest branch.

2. Take the A4 sheet; you can either use a black or blue pen.

3. Write a program in the format provided below.


The Branch Manager

Indian Bank

(Your Town or City Name)

Subject: Application to Mobile Number Registration with Account

Dear Sir/Madam

That I (your name) holding a bank account on your division with Account Number: XXXXXXXXXX want to enrol my mobile number with the above account number. My phone is xxxxxxxxxx, and I ask you to state my mobile number along with my account number as soon as possible. I have connected my ID and speech evidence, along with this program.

I hope you’ll accept my request and operate on it as soon as you can.

Thank You

(Your Title )

(Your Mobile Number)

4. Now combined with this program correspondence, submit a photocopy of self-attested (with your signal at the base ) document.

5. You may either submit an application of AADHAR Card or some other applicable document. (PAN Card, Neighborhood Certification, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, etc..) 

6. Now you’re prepared with the whole record, go to your nearby branch and apply this application letter together with a photocopy of AADHAR Card into the branch supervisor or you provide to some other lender official.

7. Please take your first AADHAR Card with you; occasionally bank official might request that you reveal for confirmation purpose.

8. Congrats! Your phone will be enrolled in your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

Bank of India Mobile Number Register by Visiting the Branch

1. To enroll the mobile number in the bank, visit the division that you have an account.

2. Request the concerned bank to acquire your cell number enrolled and linked to the accounts.

3. The bank official would supply you a form in which you have to put in the detail credential as needed, like the mobile number.

4. The banking procedure would require 1-2 days to register the cell number and connect to the account.

5. You will get an SMS in the lender upon verification of mobile number registration.

6. Don’t forget to carry the aadhar card and its self-indulgent. Registering the mobile number with the bank accounts is essential for the account holders. You will be able to get real-time telling related to your accounts.

Indian Bank Customer Care Number

For more information, give a call to: 

1800 4250 0000

Call this number from your register mobile number and get your information. This is a toll-free number available for 24/7.

You can also get information from the official site. Visit Here.