Humana Phone Number Customer Service

In this post, we will discuss Humana customer service number if you are searching for Humana Phone Number, so you are in the right place. Here we give you all the possible methods by which you can call a live person from Humana easily. Only you have to follow the guidelines. 

Is a for-profit American medical insurance policy firm based in Louisville, Kentucky? As of 2014 Humana had over 13 million associates at the U.S., reported that a 2013 earnings of US$41.3 billion, and 41,600 workers. In 2018, the business rated 56 about the Fortune 500 record, which made it the highest-rated company based in Kentucky. It’s become the third most significant health insurance in the country.

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services researched Humana in 2009 for sending flyers to Medicare receivers the AARP recognized as deceitful. The organization’s managed care product has also been criticized for moral lapses and constraints.

The health insurance Aetna stated on July 3, 2015, it had agreed to acquire its smaller rival Humana for $37 billion in stock and cash but walked away from the agreement following a court judgment that the merger could be anti-competitive.

Humana Contact Phone Number

Here we give the Humana Phone Number by which you can contact them quickly. 

Phone numbers for members

Here are the Humana member services phone number

  • 1-800-448-6262: Employer Group Plan Members
  • 1-800-457-4708: Medicare Claims 
  • 1-800-992-2551: Medicare Premium Billing and Enrollment 
  • 1-855-852-7005: K.Y. Medicaid 

Phone numbers for employers

If you want to find out more about Vitality, contact a live agent by Humana vitality phone number

  • 1-800-872-7207: Large Group Employer
  • 1-800-232-2006: Small Business Employer

Phone numbers for agents

To find out more about Humana Vitality, please contact your Humana Sales Executive.

  • 1-866-427-7478: Large and Small Business Agent. Select the Agent/Broker option
  • 1-800-558-4444: Password Resets

Phone numbers for providers

Humana provider customer service

  • 1-800-448-6262: Customer Service
  • 1-877-845-3480: Web Specialists

Humana Claims Mailing Address

Medical Claims and Correspondence Address and Fax

Here is the Humana medicare phone number, the address located on the back of your ID card, or mail your claims or correspondence to:

Humana Correspondence Office

P.O. Box 14601

Lexington KY 40512-4601

Fax: 1-888-556-2128.

Humana Corporate office address

1-800-486-2620: Corporate phone number 

Humana Inc.

500 West Main Street

Louisville, KY 40202

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