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Main Features of Mediacom  

Mediacom Private Communications is a private United States-based telecommunication company founded in July’1995 by Rocco B. Commisso. The headquarters are in Blooming Grove, New York. It is the largest broadband provider in Iowa, serving primarily smaller cities and towns of the Southern and Midwest Unites States.

Mediacom offers a range of information, communications, and entertainment services and has been enthusiastic about providing digital television and high-speed data services to customers throughout the 22 states they provide media services. They offer top-notch products and services for home or business purposes. One thing is for sure if you are looking for world-class services, irrespective of your requirements, you can always rely on Mediacom.

Mediacom customer service

Mediacom Customer Service Phone Number

Mediacom customer service is sustained by a team of professionals who work 24 hours to give the customer complete peace of mind. The helpline understands the urgency of a customer and tries to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Mediacom Phone Number – 1-855-386-4094

This is a devoted line to walk you through step by step to a solution until you get your answers.

Other Significant Phone Numbers – 

  • Customer service: 1-855-633-4226
  • Call Now Today: 1-855-592-3334
  • Mediacom Business Support Phone Number: 1-800-379-7412
  • Mediacom Business Service Phone Number: 1-800-479-2070
  • Home Controller Support Phone Number: 1-877-900-3495
  • Mediacom Closed Captioning Support Phone Number: 1-877-847-6221
  • Order DirecTV:1-888-777-2454
  • Sales Call: 1-929-376-0728
  • Fax Number: (845) 698-4069

How to Call a Live Person from Mediacom?

Follow the given steps and get a live person on the phone for Mediacom help.

  1. First of all, dial 1-855-633-4226.
  2. After that, Press*
  3. Now, say, “Help me with something else.”
  4. Again, you have to say, “Help me with something else.”
  5. Now, say, “More than one.”
  6. Wait for a min.
  7. After that, you will automatically connect to the live agent from Mediacom.

*for more options, you can say, “Tech support,” “Give me the choices,” “Help with an order,” Help with my bill,” etc.

Important Mediacom Service Information

  • Phone Number: 855-633-4226
  • Address: Mediacom Way, Mediacom Park, NY 10918
  • Official Website:
  • Working Hours: 24/7 365
  • Services Support: Phone, Internet, Television 
  • Contact Points: Phone, Email, Mailing address, Social Media

Mediacom Mobile App links

You can get Mediacom live support by using the app.

Mediacom Social Media links

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How much does Mediacom cost per month?

Mediacom offers cable internet plans priced at $39.99–$79.99 a month.

How to cancel Mediacom?

You may cancel the agreement within 90 days of signing this Commitment Agreement by calling Mediacom customer service department at 1-855-633-4226.

How do I pay Mediacom bills over the phone?

Visit, log in to My Account, fill in the credentials, and click Mediacom pay bill phone or set an auto-pay. If you want to pay in person, kindly visit the Mediacom office in your area.

How to Mediacom chat online?

Click on ‘Dashboard’ on the app to get Mediacom customer service chat. Go to the ‘Chat Area’ and select what you want to chat about. Confirm your name, email, and contact number. Type what you would like help with. Click the ‘Launch’ button to start the session.

Will Mediacom buy out contracts?

No, Mediacom does not buy out contracts. However, their products and services are worth having.

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