Panera Bread Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices List

Panera Bread Breakfast Hours: Panera Bread is a well-known American breakfast joint. Panera Bread may be the best choice if you’re looking for healthy and delicious breakfast options. Panera’s food is truly unique, and we would even go so far as to say it’s delicious. Sandwiches and bagels are two of our favorite choices. What about Panera breakfast time?

The fast-casual chain’s breakfast menu features sandwiches, egg souffle, parfaits, fruits, and oatmeal. You can also customize any item. You’re likely familiar with Panera breakfast options. But you may be just curious about the timespan. Don’t worry, and we got you.

Panera Bread Breakfast Hours

However, it is strictly true that the answer is no!

Panera Bread’s breakfast hours are technically closed at 10.30 every morning. The Panera staff love to call it Eggs vs. Soups Swap. The Panera staff announces that Breakfast is over as soon as the clock hits 10.30. They then replace the eggs with seven types of soups.

Panera doesn’t serve Breakfast throughout the day, so that is the sweet and simple answer. Panera’s breakfast hour ends abruptly at 10.30 am.

panera bread breakfast hours

What time does breakfast end at Panera?

We made it very clear. The Breakfast ends at 10.30 you can. You don’t have to eat Panera’s tasty menu items. We promise they’ll be just as delicious as Panera bread’s breakfast menu.

Most bakery cafes offer Breakfast from 6:00 to 6:30 am on Monday through Sunday.

Panera breakfast ends at 10.30 am. Panera Hours Sunday are extended to up to 11.30 am.

It may be necessary to mention that Panera’s breakfast times may differ from one Panera location to the next in some instances. In theory, Panera restaurants all have the same time. To avoid disappointment, it is a good idea to verify the time at your specific location.

Panera Bread Breakfast Menu – What Can you Expect?

Panera Bread is a fast-food chain that serves Breakfast. The menu includes sandwiches, egg souffle, parfaits, and fruits. They offer the finest in nutrition and taste.

You can personalize it as much as you like. That is what should make the Panera bread breakfast menu all the more interesting and exciting in its own right. The menu is delicious and can be customized to your liking, but it’s also very affordable. Although the prices will vary depending on where you are located, it is still very affordable.

Does Panera Bread Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Panera doesn’t serve breakfast all day long.

You must be awake before 10:30 am to enjoy Breakfast at the bakery-cafes of the company.

You can get up at 11:15 am—breakfast at the restaurant on Sundays.

Panera Bread Breakfast Hours

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday06:00 AM10:30 AM
Tuesday06:00 AM10:30 AM
Wednesday06:00 AM10:30 AM
Thursday06:00 AM10:30 AM
Friday06:00 AM10:30 AM
Saturday06:00 AM11:00 AM
Sunday07:00 AM11:00 AM

Panera Bread Breakfast Menu 2021

Item NamePrice
Asiago Cheese Bagel$1.34
Cinnamon Swirl & Raisin Bagel$1.34
French Toast Bagel$1.34
Jalapeno & Cheddar Bagel$1.34
Strawberry Granola Parfait$3.79
Steel Cut Oatmeal with Strawberries & Pecans$4.19
Steel Cut Oatmeal with Apple Chips & Pecans$4.19
Spinach & Bacon Baked Egg Souffle$4.09
Four Cheese Baked Egg Souffle$4.09
Egg & Cheese on Asiago Cheese Bagel$4.09
Sausage, Egg, & Cheese on Ciabatta$4.09
Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta$3.59
Ham, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Power Sandwich$4.09
Avocado, Egg White, & Spinach Breakfast Power Sandwich$4.09
Cinnamon Crunch Bagel$1.34
Blueberry Bagel$1.34
Chocolate Chip Bagel$1.34
Bagel with Cream Cheese Spread$2.30
Seasonal Fruit Cup$2.59
Power Almond Quinoa Oatmeal$4.19
Steel Cut Oatmeal with Summer Blueberries & Granola$4.19
Ham & Swiss Baked Egg Souffle$4.09
Spinach & Artichoke Baked Egg Souffle$4.09
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese on Asiago Cheese Bagel$4.09
Steak & Egg on Everything Bagel$5.19
Mediterranean Egg White on Ciabatta$4.09
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese on Ciabatta$4.09
Turkey Sausage, Egg White, & Spinach Breakfast Power Sandwich$4.09


What time does Panera stop serving breakfast?

On weekdays, Panera breakfast ends at 10:30 am. All locations in the country. Panera Bread will stop serving breakfast on weekends (Saturday-Sunday), and holidays at 11:0 a.m. Keep in mind, however, that operating hours can vary from one location to the next.

Can I order a salad at Panera in the morning?

Panera Bread on Twitter: @PaneraBread marymaterasso You can order a salad in the morning.

Does Panera use real eggs?

“At Panera, we believe 100% real eggs are the basis for a great breakfast sandwich.” All ingredients in the new breakfast sandwiches are clean, with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, or colors from artificial sources.

Why is Panera so expensive?

Panera prides itself on healthy ingredients. These are more expensive because they are intrinsically more expensive. For example, quinoa products will be more expensive than rice. These more nutritious ingredients will naturally result in more expensive products, especially when compared to fast food.

What is the healthiest breakfast at Panera?

Low-Calorie Breakfast Items at Panera Bread
Steel Cut Oatmeal. Panera Bread offers Steel Cut Oatmeal, which is low in calories.
Strawberry Granola Parfait.
Grilled Breakfast Sandwich.
Baked Egg Souffles.