Spectrum Channel Lineup & Channel Guide

Spectrum Channel Lineup: Spectrum cable service is a well-known cable TV service. It would be interesting to see which Spectrum channels packages offer the best selections. The Spectrum lineup is one of the most important.

The Spectrum channel list is a masterful balance act. Spectrum TV Channels offers a fair amount of entertainment and news channels. It also caters to America’s love for all things sports.

How to get the Best Spectrum Channel Lineup?

Do you want to know which channels are included in the Spectrum TV channel package? You might want to look at the channel list to find the best choice for you. Spectrum offers three packages: Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, and Spectrum Gold. Each package would give you access to Spectrum choice channels. Go through the various Spectrum channel packages to find the right package for your Spectrum channel guide.

Spectrum has a reputation for providing a balanced channel mix-up. The Spectrum lineup across multiple packs is an excellent example of this. The Spectrum program guide includes a large number of entertainment and news channels. You will also find a wide range of media from all genres so that you can enjoy a great selection of channels at an affordable price.

Spectrum TV Lineup packages offer a wide range of channels and excellent features. The area you choose to connect will determine the package lineup. You can best understand the Spectrum channel lineup for your site and region by consulting the Spectrum TV experts, who will be happy to help you with all aspects of the channel lineup.

Spectrum Channel Lineup

Which channels are included in the Spectrum Select package

Spectrum select channel list:

  • ESPN will keep you up-to-date with all your sports needs
  • The History Channel is a source of educational and informative entertainment
  • You can watch original TV shows and movies in the USA. And, of course, you can see Smackdown wrestling!
  • TBS is the premier provider of TV entertainment
  • TNT will satisfy your TV- and movie-loving needs

Which channels are included in the Spectrum Silver package

  • ESPN
  • USA
  • The History Channel
  • TNT on Spectrum
  • TBS

The Silver plan gives you exclusive access to more than 50 channels. These are some of the most popular:

  • HBO will keep you hooked with some of the most popular movies and shows, including Game of Thrones
  • You can never miss the NFL Network’s football action.
  • Cinemax allows you to have a movie night at home whenever you like
  • Showtime on Spectrum allows you to keep up with your favorite The Walking Dead characters. There are many other great shows.

Which channels are included in the Spectrum Gold package

  • USA
  • Cinemax
  • TNT
  • ESPN
  • TBS
  • HBO
  • The NFL Network
  • Showtime
  • The History Channel

Can you add Custom Channels to a Spectrum Channel Lineup?

Yes. Yes, you can add channels to your Spectrum channels list. Spectrum TV offers a variety of customization options. You can add any premium channel to your basic package.

Wait, there will be an additional premium charge for that channel. SHOWTIME and HBO are two good examples. You can add many other On Demand TV channels to your essential bundle.

Get the best Spectrum Channels experience by checking your packages today. You should choose the best package for your region and then add additional channels to suit your needs. The Spectrum TV channels package is an excellent choice for everyone with the perfect mix of media and pricing. 


What channels are included in Spectrum packages?

Spectrum TV Select includes more than 125 channels, including ESPN, Discovery and CNN, Lifetime TLC, HGTV and MTV.

What is the price of the Spectrum Select Package?

Spectrum TV Packages

  • Spectrum TV® Select- $44.99/month* 125+ 21 HD Hrs. ($11.99/month)
  • Spectrum TV® Silver- $74.99/month* 175+ 21 HD Hrs. ($11.99/month)
  • Spectrum TV® Gold- $94.99/month* 200+ 21 HD Hrs. ($11.99/month)

Does Spectrum have a guide channel?

Yes. Spectrum Guide features an interactive program guide that will help you maximize your video subscription. To display the full-screen guide view, including channel information and program listings, press the GUIDE button on the remote. To scroll, you can use the ARROW buttons of your remote.

Which Spectrum TV package is the most affordable?

Spectrum Select TV is the cheapest Spectrum TV package. It costs $44.99 per month and includes many HD channels such as ESPN, CNN and Discovery Channel.