Sprint Customer Service Number Real Person

In this post, we will give you Sprint customer service number real person, here you will find all the information related Sprint Customer Service. We give all the possible methods by which you can quickly contact them. Sprint provides phone and Internet services to over 54 million customers. As you may anticipate, Sprint offers multiple client service options, such as phone-based support.

Here are the common reasons why customers call Sprint customer service more. 

Customer call Sprint for a range of reasons

  1. Adding or purchasing a new phone
  2. Shifting private information, such as name or address
  3. Canceling an account
  4. Billing issues
  5. Shifting rate plan
  6. Adding new services
  7. Learning about service outages
  8. Setting up a new account
Sprint Customer Service Number Real Person

Details of Sprint Customer Service Calls

  • Toll calls: 352
  • Successful connection: 7%
  • Avg. call duration: 07:43 Issues resolved: 8%
Most of the calls come from:

Texas, California, Florida, New York, Illinois

Main reasons for Customers to call:
  • Payments and Charges issue: 27%
  • Product/ Service: 8%
  • Other queries: 50%

Sprint Customer Service Number Real Person

Getting to a live person in Sprint customer support might be quite tricky if you do not have experience with automatic voice systems. The alternative for live customer care is at the end of the menu prompts. Here is a fast shortcut about how best to get there—dial 844-382-3312. Be sure to wait for each instant to start before entering the following number or hash. Make sure to enter # for each”Input your number” or”I didn’t get that, please enter your telephone number” prompts so that you can get to the menus, which will cause a Sprint to live customer agent. 

Below are some menu pushes from Sprint customer service 844-382-3312 telephone number.
  • If You’re calling about becoming a brand new customer press 1
  • If you’re an existing customer media Two
  • For help with your information card, hotspot or USB modem media 3
  • For whatever else press 4
  • You will get to the phone menu once you enter your telephone number or press # multiple occasions.
  • To check your account balance press 1
  • To create or program a payment media Two
  • Hear the number of minutes you’ve used or information use 3
  • To report the phone lost, not working phone or damaged press 4
  • More options 5

You’ll get to the menu below if you press 5.

  • To Purchase or activate a device media 1
  • For program and support information and changes 2
  • Make changes to your account or telephone press 3
  • For bill information such as billing and autopay 4
  • For whatever else including canceling service press 5
  • To return to the main menu press *

You’ll get into the menu below if you press 5.

  • For questions regarding insurance or to check the status of the claim press 1
  • To disconnect your support press 2
  • For international assistance press 3
  • to Find out if your phone qualifies for a buyback program press 4
  • For anything else press 5 

Customer Number 888-211-4727

888-211-4727 Customer Service49 mins2628
800-877-4020 Wireline5 mins728
800-808-1336 Collections Department3 mins992
http://www.sprint.com/landings/chat/15 mins226
800-927-2199 Business Accounts38 mins756
@sprintcare10 mins2456
Online Help< 38 hrs1510
800-639-6399 Dealer Support38 mins1190
905-415-5003 International Customer Service13 mins296

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