TJ Maxx Rewards Credit Card Payment Number

TJ Maxx Rewards Credit Card Customer Services

You can swiftly call TJ Maxx Rewards Credit Card Payment Number 1-800-926-6299. In this post, you will find all the possible means by which you can contact TJX Companies, Inc. live representative. Here you will get TJ Maxx online help, such as TJX live chat, TJX email support, TJX Corporate Office, etc.

The Customer Service Team will help you if you are looking for info on your TJX Rewards Card, wanting to link the grand opening of a new TJ Maxx or in the necessity, the balance on your gift card, or maybe you’re just seeing for the premium handbags, jewelry, and men’s and women’s apparel accessible at the best prices possible.

About TJ Maxx

The TJX Companies, Inc., shortened TJX, was founded in 1987 by Bernard Cammarata. The company is headquartered in MA, Framingham, Massachusetts, United States. Carol Meyrowitz is the Executive Chairman, Ernie Herrman is the President, CEO. In contrast, Scott Goldenberg is the CFO, Raina Avalon is the CLO, and Mark Beverly is the CIO of the company.

TJX deals in Clothing, footwear, bedding, food, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, and housewares. Currently, TJ Maxx is one of the most popular and renowned retail, professional business in the market with over 270,000 employees. The official website of TJ Maxx is

tj maxx rewards credit card payment number

TJ Maxx Customer Support Number

If you’re considering outstanding merchandise at meaningfully lower amounts than other retailers, it’s time to call the TJ Maxx customer service number at 1-800-926-6299. TJX has taken superiority in providing its clients with the best products at condensed prices in over 1000 stores. The Customer Service Number is available Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM EST.

TJ Maxx Credit Card Customer Service

  • TJX Rewards Credit Card: 1-800-952-6133
  • TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard: 1-877-890-3150
Other Important Phone Number of TJX

Whatever you’re beholding, the customer service team at TJ Maxx will be there to help you. TJ Maxx Customer Support number is available once you have to check about your product arrival or get technical assistance about the one you already possess.

  • For general inquiries: 1-508-390-1000
  • Media Relations: 1-508-390-2323
  • Investor Relations: 1-508-390-2323
  • Transfer Agent and Registrar: 1-866-606-8365 (US), 1-201-680-6578 (outside US)

Note: You can get the TJX Customer Support country-wise by clicking on the link to find the Contact Number for different countries effortlessly. 

How to Call a live Customer Service from TJ Mazz?

Here are the steps to call a live representative from TJ Maxx Customer Service.

  1. First of dial 1-800-926-6299
  2. Now press 1, then 2.
  3. Then press 6
  4. Stay on the line
  5. After that, you will automatically connect to the live customer service from TJMaxx Credit Card

How to do TJ Maxx Credit Card Login?

Follow the given steps to get online access to your TJ Maxx account.

  1. First of all, visit to pay my bill Login Page. 
  2. Enter your username and password. 
  3. Click on login. After this, you will get online access to your account. 

TJ Maxx Mailing Address

If you are looking for the TJ Maxx Empire’s home or want to claim anything, you can find the functional center of TJX Company at the address mentioned below.

  • The TJX Companies, Inc.
  • 770 Cochituate Road
  • Framingham, MA 01701
  • The TJX Companies, Inc.
  • 300-400 Value Way
  • Marlborough, MA 01752

TJ Maxx Social Media Link

You can get connected with TJ Maxx for the latest updates. Only you have to follow them on the social media platform.

TJ Maxx Store Locator

You can learn the location of your nearest store with the help of the link You have to enter your current location or the zip code and choose the brand you are interested in. 

TJ Maxx Email Support

TJ Maxx does not provide a direct email address to customers, whereas it does provide different methods to contact the Customer Service Team. You can get more info about the same by visiting their ‘Contact Us’ page. However, the best way to get in touch with them is by calling TJX Customer Service at 1-800-926-6299.

TJ Maxx Rewards Credit Card

The TJX Credit Card is a decent and best option for counting discounts at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra stores. They offer various Credit Cards such as TJX MasterCard on TJX purchases and the Citi Double Cash Card. Customers who have Credit Card may avail the merchandise before other customers get entrée to it.

TJ Maxx Credit Card Bill Pay 

Customers can manage their TJX Rewards Credit Card account online through their online portal, i.e.,, issued by Synchrony Bank. You can also contact them by phone at 1 (800) 952-6133.

TJ Maxx Gift Card Check Balance

Customers can check the balance of TJX gift cards online or at any TJ Maxx nearest retail location by using the store locator. You will need the card number and security code mentioned on the back of the card. In case your card does not support a security code, you can only check the balance in-store.

TJ Maxx Credit Card Lost

You can report a lost TJ Maxx Card by calling 1 (800) 952-6133. Please note that this card offers 0% scam/fraud liability, so it’s vital to report it lost or stolen as soon as possible.

TJ Maxx Help & Support

For more detailed information regarding TJ Maxx, you can visit the company URL.

If you still have more queries about TJ Maxx Credit Card or Customer Service, you can also look at their Frequently Asked Questions

TJ Maxx Credit Card Reviews

For purchases out of those shops, most customers will probably be much better off sticking to a cashback credit card such as the Chase Freedom Flex℠ or the Citi® Double Money Card 18 month BT offer. The 10% discount which you get in your very first TJ Maxx buy throughout the TJX Rewards® Credit Card is not as great as the bonuses you’ll be able to qualify for via other benefits cards.

Bear in mind that you have the choice to register for at least one credit card. Use it if you’re shopping at TJ Maxx new shops, and use another credit card for your other regular needs. This is the most optimal installation. The significant drawback to starting two credit cards is the fact that it may harm your credit rating.

Submitting new software will cause your typical age of charge to return, and the number of hard inquiries to your account increases — those two factors may have significant consequences on your score. If you plan to apply for another loan over another six to 12 weeks, you must know about this as a variable. Nonetheless, in the long term, these are very likely not to matter much.

That is significantly higher than many credit cards in the marketplace. It is much higher than what we have seen from other shop charge cards. If you receive this card, you shouldn’t ever use it to carry a month-to-month equilibrium. Be sure that you always pay off your bill.

TJX Rewards Credit Card Benefits and Features

It is also possible to use this card where Mastercard is accepted. Doing this will give you 1 point for each dollar. Each time you get 1,000 points, they may be redeemed for a $10 rewards certification used at any of their card’s affiliated brands. The certificate isn’t redeemable for real money, which means that this card isn’t a genuine cashback credit card. Your reward certification will also expire two years after it is issued, so be sure that you use your points as soon as you’re prepared to use them; otherwise, you run the chance of wasting them.

Instead of a conventional credit card incentive, the TJX Rewards® Credit Card provides you with 10% off your initial online or in-store buy. This pales in comparison with other credit card bonuses. By way of instance, a number of the very best cashback credit cards usually reward you with $150 to $200 once you invest at least $500 to $1,000 in your card over the first three weeks of card membership. So even if your initial in-store buy were $500, you would receive $50 off.

TJX Reward Credit Card compare to other credit cards

TJX Rewards® Credit Card VS Chase Freedom Flex℠

The Chase Freedom Flex is among the best cash back credit cards round and will give you a few substantial savings. But, it will not be very helpful in TJ Maxx stores. Normally, the fourth quarter of every year includes department stores as a class.

But, it ought to be noted that TJ Maxx isn’t categorized as a department store. Thus, you will never receive more than 1% cash back in these shops utilizing the Chase Freedom Flex. However, the situation is reversed if you contemplate non-TJ Maxx purchases. Though the TJX Rewards Credit Card will constantly only provide you with a 1% yield out of TJ Maxx, the Chase Freedom Flex can make you up to 5%.

Below are the 2021 cash back classes which were shown for the Chase Freedom Flex.

TJX Rewards® Credit Card VS Citi® Double Cash Card

The Citi Double Money Card is an easy yet powerful cash back credit card. But, again, it will not have the ability to conquer the 5% benefits speed you would get at TJ Maxx using all the TJX Rewards Credit Card. But in regards to nearly all other purchases, the Citi Double Money Card is the superior option because you may earn 2% on each purchase with infinite 1% cash back once you purchase, and an extra 1% since you pay for all those purchases.

If you would like to open only a new charge card, you should probably make it the Citi Double Money Card. A quarter of your spending would need to come from TJ Maxx shops for your TJX Rewards Credit Card to possess, normally, the very same rewards speed as the Citi Double Money Card. This is improbable for many budgets. Considering both credit cards include no yearly fee, you can get them equally.

4 things you need to know

Earn 5% back on TJ Maxx purchases

 TJ Maxx boosts”5% back in rewards” if you utilize a TJX Rewards Credit Card in its shops. This rewards speed implies you get five rewards points for each dollar you spend with your card in TJ Maxx or a different TJX shop.

Points do not expire and will accumulate on your account until you reach 1,000 points. In that time, a $10 certificate will be created. Thus, you receive $10 back for every $200 you spend.

A physical certification is sent along with your statement within one to two billing cycles after getting 1,000 points. However, you could also get and print your certificates in the online account. The certific1ations are good for up to two years by the date they are issued.

They can not be used for purchasing gift cards, gift certificates, e-gift cards, or some other third party pr1esent cards, nor will they be exchanged for money.

Get a 10%-off welcome bonus

A reduction is always a great perk once you open up a brand new credit card using a shop. For TJ Maxx, you will find a 10% -off coupon good for the initial purchase once you are qualified for a TJX Rewards Card. There are a couple of conditions for this sign-up bonus, nevertheless.

Secondly, should you apply online and find a coupon code, then it is only great to work with on the shop site you implemented from. But you have the choice of printing out the voucher so that you may use it in any given U.S.-based TJX shop, such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post, or even Homesense shop.

Third, should you apply for a card via a mobile device and are accepted, you may use your 10% voucher in-store.

Relatively high APR

Like many retail cards, the TJ Maxx charge card APR is really large. If you do not intend on paying off your balance each month, you are most likely to wind up paying a great deal more than you bargained for your purchases once you add the interest rate.

And paying for high interest means your wages will not go up to now. So if you got a ten rewards certification but compensated $20 in interest fees, you are coming behind.

Must be used at TJ Maxx stores

One drawback of any shop credit card is that you can frequently only use it to purchase this one brand. But, TJ Maxx is somewhat better because you may utilize your TJX Rewards Card at any one of the TJX shops at the U.S.-based TJX family. That means you can use it to store at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post, or even Homesense.

As it’s possible to use the TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted, you would be paying a higher interest rate if you don’t repay your balance every month and not get much in benefits.

Hope this article was helpful to you. You may read more posts about customer services of various brands and companies on our webpage. If you have any questions, kindly ask them away in the comment box below.