UCO Bank Netbanking and Other Details

If you want to know how to do uco bank netbanking and its registration, so you are in the right place. Here we discuss how to check UCO Bank Balance via uco net banking.

Block UCO Credit Card by SMS

If you want to block UCO Credit Card by SMS, follow the given format:

Send an SMS to 9230192301 from your register mobile number.

uco bank netbanking

Keyword: HOT 

Format: HOT 3344 and send it to 9230192301

To Block UCO Account

Format: HOT <14 digits a/c no.>

E.g., HOT 25689542457812

Block UCO Credit Card by Customer Care Number 

You can block your UCO credit card by the toll-free customer care number.


Give a missed call to this number, It is available for 24/7.

You can also ask them to re-issuance of a new ATM/Debit card; it will charge Rs 200.

Block UCO Credit Card by Email

You can also send an email to uco.custcare@ucobank.co.in to block the card.

UCO Bank mbanking App

If you are the user of the UCO Bank mbanking App. You can also take the help of the app by going to Request Processing > Hotlist Debit Card >  choose the card and block.

You can also visit the nearest branch of UCO bank and asked them to block your credit card.

Registration Process of UCO Bank Net Banking 

When opening an account with the lender, the new user should stick to the UCO Bank netbanking registration procedure to begin using the service. The measures are shared under:

  1. The client should visit the official site page and click on the”e-banking” segment, supplied at the ideal side of the site page, or start the online banking page. The client should click on the button.
  2. During this point, the client is requested to give their bank account number and among the last five trades particulars. The client also must fill in charge or debit card details. The customer must fill in this advice to acquire his/her bank accounts verified.
  3. Afterward, the client is redirected to a different webpage and is requested to give OTP delivered on his/her registered phone with the lender. The customer must make the login password along with the trade password. The client should enter the password together with an email ID and click OK.

The confirmation message is delivered to the client’s registered mobile number, together with the new user identification. 

The above measures are an elementary manual for UCO online banking registration procedure.

Credentials Required to get UCO Bank net banking enrollment are:

  • The consumer has to become an account with the lender by opening a bank account.
  • Then he needs to acquire his/her phone registered with the lender.
  • The client needs a debit card together with the password.
  • The client should have made a minimum of one transaction because his debit card has been triggered.
  • When the client forgets his/her final trade, he can call the customer support desk on 09213125125.

Important Factors Linked to UCO Bank Net Banking Registration

  • The consumers should not ignore security guidelines and coverage. All these are to protect the consumer’s accounts from any fraud.
  • Just Retail/Personal Banking customers will avail the UCO net banking registration
  • The lender takes two working days to trigger User ID following the online registration finishes.
  • Only primary account holders may enroll online.
  • When the client has more than 1 account, all reports will be related to the new User ID.

And for more information, visit the official site of www.ucobank.com net banking.