888-401-4678: Talk to a live person in Bluehost


In this post, we will talk about how to call a live agent in Bluehost by 888-401-4678. Here, we will guide you regarding Bluehost support.

How to call a live agent by Bluehost phone number?

Here are the two ways by which you can contact Bluehost.

First way:

  1. dial 888 401 4678.
  2. Now select 2.
  3. And after this, select 7.
  4. You will be automatically connected to the live agent from Bluehost.

Second way :

  1. dial 1 888 401 4678
  2. Now, select 3.
  3. You will be automatically connected to the live agent from Bluehost.

What are the primary voice menus?

  1. For help with SSL activation, press 1.
  2. For technical support, press 2.
  3. To speak with a billing representative, press 3.
  4. To speak with a sales representative, press 4.

Secondary Voice Menu

  1. If you have any trouble in login in, select 1.
  2. If you want email support, select 2
  3. For domain support, select 3.
  4. Want help with compromised security, press 4.
  5. If you have any trouble regarding the website, press 5.
  6. For help with tracking builders traffic, press 6.
  7. If you want dedicated support, press 7.

Bluehost Representatives Hours

Customers’ service of Bluehost is available 24/7 for its customers. You can contact the Bluehost live agent at any time.

Bluehost phone number

1-888-401-4678: Customer care number.

1-888-401-4678: If you have any general questions regarding its services, dial this number.

1‑855-503-0450: For Dedicated Hosting and VPS, dial this number. This service is available from:

7 am to 12 am on Monday-Friday 

8 am to 9 pm on Saturday-Sunday

1-844-213-7846: Dial this number for WordPress Assistance.

1-844-460-5821: If you have any questions related to billing, dial this number.

1-855-803-8158: If you have a general sales questions, dial this number.

1-844-213-7841: If you want to know Website Speed and Performance, then dial this number.

For more information, visit here.

Bluehost Social Links

Get more information on Bluehost Official Site

You can also go to Twitter Page to contact them.

Also go for Youtube Videos.

Bluehost Live Chat

If you want to do a live chat with the Bluehost agent, only you have to visit here. And click on ‘Chat Now.’

Bluehost Email

Bluehost also supports the email option. Only you have to visit this link at    legal@bluehost.com and send an email.

And for more information, visit the official website.

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